David Keith Sands Education Fund


The David Keith Sands Education Fund provides scholarships for school groups and other organizations to attend programming conducted at the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center. The availability of this scholarship enables the Center to provide education programs on water conservation, wetland systems and wildlife management to groups who would otherwise not have the opportunity to visit the Center.

David Keith Sands David Keith Sands (1950-2009) was the younger brother of Bunker Sands. David and Bunker held a deep love of the outdoors and a love for the environment and conservation. An avid outdoorsman and bow hunter, the wilderness was his sanctuary. David particularly cherished times at his ranches in New Mexico and South Texas with family, friends and his four-legged hunting buddy, Hannah. He was a licensed pilot for many years. Other interests included beekeeping, sailing, building wooden boats, scuba diving, and collecting fine wines, fossils. and minerals. The David Keith Sands Scholarship will provide a means for students to attend the education programs at the Wetland Center.

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