Join us for a WILD time at the Wetland!

Bat Week Celebration!

Join us for Bat Week, an international celebration of our favorite flying mammal and their role in nature. You’ll learn why our global ecosystem depends on these pollinators and voracious insect eaters and what you can do to ensure their survival. Our resident Bat Ambassador will share a bounty of amazing information about these nocturnal creatures and their presence in Texas.

 Come dressed in your favorite bat or Halloween costume (there will be prizes awarded for the best youth and adult costume). This evening at the wetland will be the perfect way to get in a Halloween mood and hand out Halloween candy to all guests.

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Eclipse 2024 Preview

Do you know that a solar eclipse will cross the U.S. on April 8 of next year and that the Dallas area will be in the path of totality? The Wetland Center will experience one of the longest periods of total darkness in Texas at just over 4 minutes! Dr. Doug Biesecker, retired Chief Scientist for NOAA, will give us a preview of this remarkable celestial event. Dr. Biesecker travelled the world to study eclipses and we’re thrilled to have this well-known expert at the wetland center to share his knowledge.

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4th Annual Moth Night

Stay tuned for more information about MOTH NIGHT 2024!

Family Fishing Day!

Stay tuned for more information about our next Family Fishing Day!