The natural wetland environment and unique ranch-themed facilities make the Wetland Center a great backdrop for photos of all kinds. Please abide by the following policies.

photography and
the wetland center grounds

  • Photography can take place during normal business hours and no indoor facilities are included.
  • The Wetland Center is open to the public, and therefore privacy cannot be guaranteed.
  • Areas of the Wetland Center cannot be reserved for the exclusive use of any group.
  • The Wetland Center reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of each use and to stop a photography session should it be deemed inappropriate for any reason.
  • No drones are allowed on the property at any time.

Professional/Commercial Photography

We welcome professional photographers who are seeking a striking, natural setting for their photo shoot. Professional photographers who would like to shoot at the Wetland Center are required to obtain a photo permit for any commercial or portrait photography. Photographers are considered professional if:

  • The photographer is conducting a paid, professional service for a client.
  • The photographer is using photos to promote a business, product, or service.
  • The photography session includes costumes, tripods, reflectors or staged photography.

Reservations are required. Please call 972-474-9100 to inquire about a permit.

Permit Fee:
$150.00/ 2-hour time frame

All proceeds from photo permits help preserve this beautiful landscape by supporting environmental education and conservation efforts.

Amateur/Non-commercial Photography

The Wetland Center grounds make the perfect setting for homecoming, prom, family photos, quinceanera and other similar photography events. Reservations are required and a photo permit is required to take amateur portraits. If your photo shoot includes costumes, tripods, reflectors or staged photography, you will need to purchase a professional permit.

Permit Fees:
$40.00 1-10 people
$65.00 11-20 people

Video/Filming at the Center

Please call (972)474-9100 to inquire about rates for filming or videography of the property and facilities.