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Our environmental education field studies will give your students a hands-on, real-world experience. Schedule a class today!

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Our premier environmental education programs specialize in field studies for 4th-12th graders. They are STEM-based and aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS. Our curriculum is the result of a partnership with regional school districts, wildlife and conservation organizations, and research institutions.

Each program gives students the opportunity to observe, collect and analyze data for a real-world experience. This scientific-inquiry method using field and laboratory investigations helps them solve problems, make informed decisions and consider an environmental science career path.

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The generosity of two philanthropic supporters allows us to offer scholarships that cover program and bus fees for schools that otherwise would not be able to attend.

David Keith Sands Education Fund

The DKS Scholarship offers up to $300 toward program costs and is available to all schools.

How to apply:

David Keith Sands (1950-2009) was the younger brother of John Bunker Sands. David and Bunker held a deep love of the outdoors and the environment and conservation. An avid outdoorsman and bow hunter, the wilderness was his sanctuary. David particularly cherished times at his ranches in New Mexico and South Texas with family and friends.

Lyda Hill Foundation Fund

The Lyda Hill Foundation Fund offers qualifying schools admission and transportation scholarships for field studies.

How to apply:

Lyda Hill Philanthropies believes that the long-term success of our economy, health and communities is tied directly to the health of our planet. The organization seeks to fund projects that drive public awareness and appreciation for our natural world and resources as well as organizations that educate and advocate for sustainable conservation of our most precious natural resources and spaces.

educator advisory board

If you’re a 4th- through 12th-grade science teacher, please consider joining our Educator Advisory Board. As a board member, you will play a crucial role in helping shape our educational curriculum — and the next generation of science leaders.

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